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Hands on In Person American Heart Association CPR Classes


Basic Life Support CPR (BLS) for Adult, Child, and Infant + AED Usage for Healthcare Providers and Professionals $59.95

Our AHA BLS CPR Classes are held on the Dates on the Calendar

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We offer CPR classes in Chattanooga and Also Renew BLS CPR Certifications every week. We also offer come to you onsite CPR Training for groups and businesses of all types.

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American Heart Association BLS CPR Certification Class

$59.95 1 hour


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BLS CPR + First Aid

$79.95 1 hour


BLS CPR Classes

The AHA Basic Life Support CPR class is the gold standard in CPR Certifications for Healthcare providers and anyone else wanting to learn CPR at this level. The BLS CPR class covers Adult, Child, and infanct CPR and AED Machine usage as well. Teachers, Construction workers, Personal Trainers and other non health care providers also will benifit from this quality hands on CPR Certification.

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BLS CPR Class + First Aid Training

CPR + First Aid Training

The Combination BLS CPR and First Aid Training includes the complete AHA BLS CPR Course as well as an optional NON AHA First Aid Course.  Both Cards are issued the same day as class. This option is for people who require the AHA BLS CPR Class but would also like to expand their knowledge a little further into other subject mater not typically covered in CPR Class alone.

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Group CPR and Private Training

Businesses and Organizations of all types benefit from the onsite group CPR training that we provide. Our American Heart Association CPR Instructors will come to you and conduct a thorough hands on CPR training session at your location. We can come to your office,  special event center or even your backyard.

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Hands on In Person CPR Training

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time.  That is why our goal is to teach as many people CPR as possible. Statistics show that quality CPR like the kind we teach in our CPR Classes if administered quickly can double or tripple a persons chance of survival durring a cardiac arrest.

We only use trained Instructors

The AHA BLS CPR Certification is the most accepted CPR Certification Card out there.  All of the instructors we use are certified through the American Heart Association. Many of our instructors are also trained medical professionals. We want everyone that attends our CPR classes to leave feeling confident that they know what to do if they ever are in an emergency sitiation.

We keep our classes relatively small so that the instructor can dedicate more time to questions and explaining the CPR training material throughly. We conducte our CPR Certification Classes at our office at least two times per week. We try to keep the our classes as fun and relaxed as possible so that everyone has a enjoyable experience.

Dont be fooled by online only training. Quality CPR requires a hands on training component

Virtual all employers in the United States require that the CPR training their employees receive have a hands on component and also a skill check.  If you take an online only course you will likely have to retake a quality CPR class like the one we provide. The American Heart Association CPR class is the most accepted card there is so you don’t have to worry and you wont be wasting your time in our CPR class.

If you have any questions at all please use our contact us form or call us. Our classes tend to fill up quickly so make sure to book as soon as possible.